Ayurvedic kidney treatment

Managing kidney problems with herbal medicine

CKD (chronic kidney disease) happens to be one of the biggest reasons around the world why people lose their lives. The most prominent issues, in this case, include parenchymal cell loss, fibrosis, chronic inflammation, and reduced regenerative capacity of the kidney. The complications arising from CKD, which is also known as anemia, are also related to increasing risks of mortality among people. The thing with CKD is that the mortality associated with it and its prevalence are both increasing, and this is evidence of the shortcomings of conventional therapeutic approaches in this regard. This is where herbal treatment for kidney disease can be what the doctor ordered for you. 

Reviewing herbal medicines used to prevent kidney diseases

There have been some studies recently in China on the herbal medicines that are commonly used over there for treating kidney disease. It has been shown that Chinese herbal medicines are indeed anti-inflammatory, autophagy, anti-oxidative, anti-fibrotic, and anti-apoptotic. It is perhaps because of these pharmacological properties that they have proven to be effective as a therapeutic approach for treating CKD. Mitochondrial dysfunction plays a major role in one developing the ailment and this is why the researchers have focused on the efficiency of these formulations on such dysfunction.

Herb and herbal formula for CKD 

In the context of CKD herbal medicine has been proven to have shown a protective role. This is applicable for both standalone herbs as well as concoctions of the same. This also implies that Ayurvedic kidney treatment can be immensely effective for you. The common final pathway of CKD is kidney fibrosis. Scholars have found that extracts of P. umbellatus might protect renal fibrosis by way of regulating fatty acyl metabolism. Some other scholars have said that Centella asiatica extracts can help restore kidney fibrosis but in a unilateral ureteral obstruction model. 

Herbal medicine for diabetes and other kidney diseases 

Diabetic kidney disease is one of the main reasons why so many people suffer from end-stage renal disease. This is why it is so important that you delay the progression of diabetic kidney disease. Some scholars have shown that herbal decoctions such as Bu-Shen-Huo-Xue are highly effective in regulating renal function and high blood glucose. So, they can be a great herbal treatment for kidney disease. Then you have some other herbal formulas such as Tang Shen that can lessen diabetic kidney injury and thus reduce issues such as pyroptosis of tubular epithelia.

Active ingredients in herbal medicines for CKD

There are several active ingredients in medicines used for Ayurvedic kidney treatment that help it be as effective as it happens to be. For example, fucoidan, a natural compound found in Laminaria japonica is reported to help with calcium-phosphorus metabolic disorder related to renal injury. It also helps people who suffer from bone abnormality because of CKD. Such data proves that ingredients such as fucoidan when it comes to treating such a disease. Researchers have also shown that genistein might restore renal fibrosis. Such results provide new insights into the treatment of CKD.


Several clinical studies have focused on how herbal medicines can be applied in cases of kidney diseases. The results of the tests done therewith have shown that various herbal formulas are rather capable of providing a protective effect to people who have kidney issues but do not suffer from diabetes. Some other studies focused specifically on diabetic patients who are just on the verge of receiving dialysis for kidney issues with positive results. However, more clinical studies are necessary to find out the extent to which such medicines can be beneficial even when they are from the likes of Burraq Herbal.

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