Hakim Salim Chawla

Hakim Salim Chawla

Veteran practitioner of ancient herbal remedies.

A Visionary Par Excellence

Hakim Salim Ahmed Chawla was born and raised in Delhi in a family of generational Hakims (traditional medicinal practitioners). Carrying the family tradition forward, Mr Chawla became an accomplished Unani medicine practitioner, earning the title of Hakim and founded Burraq Herbal. Hakim Salim Chawla has always been an innovator, a visionary, and a seeker of excellence. His thirst for excellence was conjoined with his love for the nation and humanity.


Mr Chawla has thrived all his life to solve the problems facing India and humankind, which led him to disrupt the Unani medicine industry through Burraq Herbal. His organization produces herbal medicine backed by years of research and ancient medicinal texts, making Unani medicine accessible to people nationwide. Thousands of patients from across the country have benefitted from the art and techniques of herbal remedies professed by Mr Chawla, especially those suffering from common chronic illnesses.


Hakim Salim Chawla has developed innovative and novel herbal remedies based on sound Unani medicinal principles and sacred herbal wisdom garnered over generations. People from all over India can now access these life-changing herbal remedies through our clinics at Bhiwandi, Malegaon, and Hyderabad.