Hakim Salim Chawla

Hakim Salim Chawla

Coming from a family with a rich heritage of traditional medicine, Hakim Salim Chawla is next in line of generational Hakims. Book an appointment today for a one-to-one interaction.

Burraq Herbal Medicines

Benefits of Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies harness the power of natural healing and ancient medicinal techniques to produce holistic results without any health compromises.

– Promotes natural healing and well-being.

– Supports a robust immune system.

– Provides effective relief for common ailments.

– Enhances digestion and gut health.

– Alleviates stress and promotes relaxation.

– Boosts energy and vitality.

– Nurtures overall health and longevity.

Our Herbal Treatment Services

cancer treatment

Cancer Treatment

diabetes, blood, finger-777002.jpg

Diabetes Treatment

couple, together, holding hands-2424928.jpg

Sexual Wellness

digestive illness

Digestive Illness

addiction nasha

Addiction - Nasha/Substance Abuse



joint pain

Joint Pain

kidney diseases

Kidney Diseases

blood pressure monitor, health, heart rate-1749577.jpg

Blood Pressure

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